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Polyèdre Volume - Le Film (Extraits)

Polyèdre Volume - Le Film (Extraits)

POLYEDRE VOLUME Film - Part 03/12

POLYEDRE VOLUME Film - Part 04/12

POLYEDRE VOLUME Film - Part 05/12


A spectacular phenomenon has occured in the Space and it has been observed in the World.
Indeed, some people have found mysterious Space objects which crashed and dispersed on the Earth.
Many people have searched, but only a few approached these objects.
While the Scientific Office makes research about this phenomenon and try to understand, these objects continue to reveal new mysteries, maybe significant.

Long-métrage     •    Genre : Science-fiction    •    Durée : 1h17    •    Année : 2015-2016    •    Pays : Martinique

SAËL - Teaser

Polyèdre Volume